The target end date for cheques was cancelled in summer 2011, however CFG will continue to work with the banks and Payments Council to support the development of more efficient, cost effective and secure forms of payment.

CFG represent members' interests on payments to the Payments Council through their Charity and Voluntary Sector Liaison Group, and to the banks through the Banking Forum.


The 2011 National Payments Plan is the Payments Council's action plan to support innovation and change in payments. 

2011 National Payments Plan

The report states that  the Payments Council will continue their work to improve payment methods, started as part of the cheque replacement programme, despite their commitment to keep cheques as long as consumers need them.

JULY 2011: UPDATE - Target end date for cheques cancelled

The Payments Council has announced that cheques will continue for as long as customers need them and the target for possible closure of the cheque clearing in 2018 has been cancelled.  

For further information please see the Payments Council press release and Q&A fact sheet on the decision.


In February 2010 the Treasury Select Committee launched in an inquiry on the future of cheques and took evidence from a range of organisations, including the UK Payments Council.

In April 2011 the Committee announced it was going to reopen the inquiry in light of continuing public concern about possible moves to phase out this method of payment by 2018.  CFG submitted written evidence to the inquiry, reflecting member views.

CFG written evidence submission 
CFG published evidence 
Oral evidence session 15th June - transcript 
Treasury Select Committee future of cheques inquiry final report



From 30th June 2011 onwards, the Cheque Guarantee Card will no longer be a valid way to guarantee a cheque. 

Speaking at the March Banking Forum meeting, a representative from the Payments Council said that the decision was taken because the Scheme had low levels of use and was often used incorrectly. For further information see the Payments Council press release.

The closure will impact on charities who make sales, particularly those who do not make sales from a fixed location or cannot afford to rent card payment terminals.  In the CFG submission to the TSC inquiry, we stressed that it was important that existing technology is made more affordable and accessible in light of this change.


November 2011 - Payments Council newsletter, Communique Issue 5

August 2011 - Payments Council newsletter, Communique Issue 4

June 2011 - Guaranteed Cheques - Acceptors fact sheet and Consumers fact sheet

March 2011 - Banking Forum presentation

March 2011 - Payments Council newsletter, Communique Issue 3

December 2010 - Report from the workshops with charities, clubs and societies

December 2010 - Payments Council Progress Report  

If you have any questions or concerns regarding cheques and other forms of payment, please contact

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