Our special advisor

CFG also has an Advisor who has observer status on the board.

  • Pesh Framjee

    Pesh Framjee

    Pesh is Head of the Unit serving Non Profit Organisations at Crowe Clark Whitehill. He has been involved in the charity sector, both professionally and as a volunteer, for over 25 years. He writes and lectures internationally on matters affecting the sector. Pesh is Co-author of Charities - The Law and Practice and has also written a book on Charity Trading. Many of the guidance notes prepared for CFG have been written by him.

    Pesh is member of the Charity SORP Committee and of the Accounting Standards Board's Committee for Accounting for Public Benefit Entities. He is also member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants Charity Group and of the Charity Law Association. Pesh has been a Finance Director of two charities and has been closely involved with CFG since its inception in 1987. He runs the CFG accounting helpline and members can call him to discuss issues relating to charity finance, accounting, reporting, tax, governance, risk management, performance measurement and related areas.

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