Economic Outlook Briefings

CFG produces a quarterly bulletin for charities on the current issues effecting the economy, which are available to download for free.

The bulletin highlights how things like inflation, employment levels and interest rates impact on the charity sector.

eob July 2016 coverLatest edition: Quarter three 2016

Headlines in this Brexit special edition:

  • Unemployment down to 4.9%
  • Interest rates down to 0.25%
  • Brexit offers opportunity to reform VAT
  • Impact of Brexit on charities' investments

Download the latest Economic Outlook Briefing       (.pdf)

eob April 16April 2016 (.pdf)

  • Unemployment remains constant at 5.1%
  • Inflation up by 0.3%
  • Budget 2016 Analysis
  • Investment portfolios and market volatility

December 2015 (.pdf) 

  • Unemployment down to 5.1%
  • Inflation up by 0.2%
  • Making devolution work for communities
  • How are local authorities using social investment?

October 2015 (.pdf)

eob nov 15Headlines:

  • Unemployment continues to fall - now at 5.4%
  • GPD grew by 0.5% in quarter one
  • What impact could interest rate changes have on investments?
  • How will proposed fundraising regulations hit charity finances?

July 2015 (.pdf)


  • Unemployment down to 5.6%
  • GDP grows by 0.4% in quarter 1
  • How to manage risk in large supply chains
  • Charities need to think more broadly about investment risk

EOB April 2015April 2015 (.pdf)


  • Unemployment down to 5.7%
  • Wages grow by 1.6%
  • Latest charity retail trends
  • Oil, Europe and elections weigh on investment outlook
  • What does this all mean for charities?

October 2014 (.pdf)

EOB October 14Headlines:

  • UK economy grows by 0.8%
  • Income from individuals is on the up
  • Geopolitical tensions are unnerving investors
  • A diversified income portfolio is essential

July 2014 (.pdf)

EOB July14Headlines:

  • US growth forecasts revised down
  • Wages begin to overtake inflation
  • Giving to charitable causes grew by 10%
  • A spotlight on repayable finance in the sector

April 2014 (.pdf)

EOB April coverHeadlines:

  • Welfare cap announced in Budget
  • A hesitant recovery
  • A stronger global outlook
  • Giving on the rise

December 2013 (.pdf)

EOB Dec13Headlines:

  • UK growth figures revised upwards on day of Autumn Statement
  • Charity shops buck the trend on the UK high street
  • CEO pay in biggest charities shown to be linked to income

September 2013 (.pdf)

EOB Sept coverHeadlines:

  • Positive signs emerging in UK economy
  • Mobile internet access doubles in 3 years
  • £4bn untapped potential in legacy giving 

June 2013 (.pdf)

EOB June13Headlines:

  • UK avoids triple dip as services grow
  • Sector facing public funding cuts of £1.7bn
  • Inflation hit sector’s income in 2010/11

March 2013 (.pdf)

EOB March13Headlines:

  • Charities adapting to changes in statutory funding
  • Public sector borrowing increasing
  • More charities trading to raise funds
  • Volunteering rising for first time in 5 year

December 2012 (.pdf)

Economic Outlook Briefing 2012Headlines:

  • UK emerges from double dip recession
  • Growth forecast cut for 2013/2014
  • Research finds significant reduction in charitable giving
  • Impact found to be strongest driver of public trust in charities


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